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Navigating Life in Russia One Crazy Day at a Time

Why Russia

champagne glasses

I went to the store and bought some shampoo. When I got to the check out, the cashier rang up the two shampoos that I picked up and then proceeded to ring up a random box of champagne glasses. “NO! NO!, ” I shouted. “That’s not mine!” To my surprise, she told me that it was a store promotion and with the purchase of two shampoo bottles customers received two champagne glasses for free! It was such an unusual but fun combination of promotional items and that’s why I loved it and Russia, because in Russia you never know what you are going to encounter and that’s why people either love it or hate it.

Ships Are For Sailing

SAFS is a blog about navigating life in Russia from an expat perspective. It aims to help eliminate the fear by establishing understanding and making life easier for those who move here in search of either adventure or opportunity. By studying the history, culture, lifestyle and language of a country, you can better understand the people and how to interact with them and interpret their reactions to your communication. Posts on culture should be taken with the understanding that there’s always an exception to the rule, but most of the posts are based on the general culture norms within the society not on a person-to-person basis.

About Me

Here are some bullet points with the most common questions answered:

  • From: Mississippi

  • How long have I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia: 6 years – time flies!

  • Do I like living in Russia: It’s hard to adult in another country, but it’s been worth it!

  • Am I here by myself: I moved here on my own, but I brought over my comrade and kitty, Kibby, in 2013. I met my Russian counterpart, Alex, in 2014 and we’ve been dating since then.

  • What Kibby thinks about Russia: She seems to like it. If you know Kibby, you know she has a wicked arabesque and she’s been practicing for the Mariinsky theater. Don’t miss the picture from her debut in the picture slideshow!

  • Where did the blog name come from: Firstly, it’s named after one of my favorite quotes as pictured above.  Secondly, I feel that this quote epitomizes the experience of living in a foreign country. You could stay in your safe harbor, or you could sail into the unknown discovering other amazing things life has to offer.

  • What’s SAFS about: SAFS is a blog about Russian history, culture and life abroad.