English Movies in St. Petersburg

English movies St. Petersburg

Going to see movies in Russian is great and does wonders to improve your language skills, but sometimes its nice just to watch English movies, especially if it’s a big blockbuster movie. It can be unsatisfying to watch movies with your favorite actors and then hear Russian words and voices come out of their mouths.  Depending on your Russian level, it can also be hard to get used to and understand everything when you first start trying to watch films in Russian. So if you don’t want to miss anything and want to watch your favorite actors in the original language, there are a few options for English movies in St. Petersburg!

Angleterre Theater

This cozy theater is located at the Angleterre Hotel. You can buy tickets at the reception desk. They show movies in a variety of languages so there’s something for everyone. The movies usually have subtitles in Russian so you can invite your Russian friends to join you too! Unlike many of the Russian movie theaters in town, the Angleterre theater doesn’t have any assigned seating but they also don’t have drinks and popcorn. However, there are a number of cafes and restaurants nearby that you can go to before or after the show.

Angleterre Theater - English movies in St. Petersburg

Formula Kino Theaters (at Galleria, etc)

More and more movie theaters are offering English movies in St. Petersburg. Several movies in English are shown throughout the week. You can order tickets online or at the theater. Keep in mind that in Russian theaters there are assigned seats so you may want to book in advance! Just FYI that in most theaters they have not only popcorn and coke, but also beer.

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Galleria instructions - English movies in St. Petersburg

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Galleria instructions - English movies in St. Petersburg

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Galleria instructions - English movies in St. Petersburg

Sub City

This is a website in Russian where you can find English movies in St. Petersburg.  Look for английский next to the movie title, etc. This website also shows movies that are playing around the city in Turkish, French, Italian, etc.

Sub City - English movies St. Petersburg

If you like watching movies and you’d like to improve your Russian, watching TV series and movies in Russian will help take your skills to the next level. Here’s a website that lets you stream TV series and movies in Russian. Many of the options are free but there are some that are for members only.

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