1. Don’t write them off before they leave. Enjoy your last moments with them, chances are you’ll see them again.

2. Going to the airport with them is so hard, it may be best to avoid airport goodbyes. If you are the friend giving them a ride to the airport, let it be a quick hug and a write me when you get settled instead of a goodbye.

3. After they leave, send them a little message to let them know how much their friendship meant and how you’re looking forward to seeing them again. Remember that this isn’t just hard on you, but on them as well.

4. Go out with a bang! Give your friend something to remember you by fondly. Keeping luggage requirements in mind, keep it small and light weight or do something together such as coffee, lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant or cafe.

5. Know that you’re building a network of friends all over the world and that it’s easier than ever before to keep in contact. The more friends you say goodbye to, the more your network expands and chance are you’ll have friends all over the world should you ever want to visit a new place or need a helping hand.