Trip to Ikea

I prefer going to the Ikea and Mega Mall from the Dybenko metro station, but there is a second Ikea and Mega Mall at the Parnas metro station if that’s more convenient for you.

To get to the Dybenko Ikea:

  • Take the orange (yellow) metro to Dybenko at the end of the line.
  • Exit the metro and cross the street in front of where you exit and then turn left and cross the street again (over the tram tracks). See the map with arrows if this is confusing.
  • Many of the buses here go to Ikea and you can find Ikea written on the windows or sign on the bus that says where the bus goes.
  • Arriving at Ikea will be obvious, but the bus will probably pass by it and stop in the middle of the mall. All passengers get out there. The only way you’ll miss it is if you fall asleep on the bus.

To get back to the metro:

  • Exit the mall next to the Ikea entrance/exit.
  • The bus stops are just outside to the right.
  • Pay attention to the buses, some of them go to other metro stations.
  • Take the bus going back to the metro Dybenko or to another metro if it’s more convenient for you.