Jobs and Internships in Russia

Jobs and Internships in Russia

It’s really easy to find jobs and internships in Russia as an English teacher or even developer, but trying to get a job outside of that can be a challenge. The reason for this is that the government sets a quota on the number of work visas available for certain positions in each city. Moscow has the largest number of quotas making it the easiest city to find work in.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Work Visas and Permits

  • It’s illegal to work in Russia without a work visa and work permit. Doing this could result in fees, deportation and being banned from reentering the country for 5 years. If a company offers you to work in their office without a work visa/permit, you’d better decline and offer them freelance work instead.

  • Some positions don’t have a quota: Senior managers of organizations, artists, engineers, tourism industry specialists, and a number of other professions in the IT sphere. In order to obtain a work visa/permit for these positions, companies will have to prove that the foreign employee has a degree in this area of expertise as well as proving that the job position is relevant at the company.

  • In addition to the issue of available quotas in a company, the Russian government has a limitation on the number of foreign workers in various job sectors.

  • How companies get quotas for employees who don’t qualify for non-quota positions: Companies can either apply for a quota until July 1, or appeal to the Interagency Committee of Applications until October 1. The second option (until October 1) applies to new companies, employers who want to have additional quotas or who want to make changes to previously issued quotas on the nationality or job position of that quota issued to them.

  • Once a company’s quota is approved, it generally takes extra time (4-6 months) to file the paperwork and issue a work permit.

Websites for Job Hunting in Russia

Internships in Russia

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