Where to Make Friends in St. Petersburg

make friends in St. Petersburg

Looking to make friends in St. Petersburg or just meet a few new acquaintances? Here’s a mini guide of where your potential new friends may be found.

International Women’s Club

Monthly meetings, unique tours in English and a variety of different groups: craft, photography, choir, Russian/French/Spanish/English conversation, ballet, toddlers, coffee, book, yoga, etc. There is a semester or yearly fee to join.

IWC - make friends in St. Petersburg


InterNations offers a monthly meet up and a variety of activities. These events are for both Russians and expats. There is a membership fee which includes the cost of many events but non-members can also visit events at a slightly higher rate.

InterNations - make friends in St. Petersburg

Couch Surfing

Obviously there are a lot of passersby who attend these meetings, but it’s possible to meet some nice local Russians who are interested in making English-speaking friends here. There’s no attendance fee.

Couchsurfing - make friends in St. Petersburg


There are a few events and activities posted here where you might be able to make friends or at least participate in .

Meetups - make friends in St. Petersburg
Meetups - make friends in St. Petersburg

English Conversation Clubs

This is only one of the many conversation clubs you can find in the city. Contact them on VK (click the button below) or by email (encc.ru@gmail.com). Native English speakers can attend for free, but others have to pay a small fee. I went to a couple of these meetings when I first moved here and met some really nice people. This is another good place to make Russian friends who are eager to show you around the city and make use of their English.

English clubs - make friends in St. Petersburg

Finding a hobby is another great way to make friends with interests similar to yours. Check out some of the hobbies we have listed here. Don’t see your hobby here? Don’t worry! Anything you could want to do you can find here I just haven’t had time to write about all the possibilities that exist. Feel free to contact me and I’ll help point you in the right direction!