Recycling is a relatively new concept in Russia. While there are some recycling centers and bins for recycling, they aren’t very convenient to get to. Below is SAFS favorite recycling centers:

Spasibo Recycling

Spasibo is not only a second hand store but also has a number of clothing recycle bins located around the city. There is a bin located below the first floor of the Galeria and most malls have a bin.

No article of clothing is turned away. They even take clothing with holes and buttons falling off and either repair or upcycle them.

For more information, go to their site.  The site’s in Russian, but there’s always Google Translate!!


In the Ashan supermarket parking lot at Borovaya St. 47, there is a nice and relatively convenient (to the center) recycling center.
They take most plastics, paper, cans, glass, tetra packs and old clothes (24/7).

During opening hours, they also accept CDs and electronics.

They don’t accept batteries and light bulbs.


For the full list (in Russian), check here.