3 Cafes You Can’t Miss in St. Petersburg

Jungle Cafe Saint Petersburg

Jungle Cafe

It’s always summer in this exotic café. Conveniently located near Kazanskaya Cathedral and tucked inside a quiet courtyard, it’s an oasis away from the bustle of the tourist area. During the winter months, Jungle Cafe will be your go to paradise to escape the dark, gloomy months. As if this place isn’t already awesome enough, check out the roof top cocktail café open in the summer.


Pad Thai with chicken

Metro: Nevsky (Griboedova Canal exit)

we are on you cafe

Мы Же На Ты

This book lover’s haven is a relaxing café and the perfect place for enjoying a good book on a rainy day or just having a nice coffee and croissant with a friend.


When you enter, go around through the front salon to the back section with the books. Some of the books you can buy or you can take some of your books there to get a discount.

Metro: Mayakovskaya, Ploshad Vostania

Solaris Cafe Saint Petersburg

Solaris Lab

A hidden gem in Spb, Solaris lab is the perfect place to enjoy summer. This fun-to-find place has an awesome outdoor viewing platform, ideal for hanging out and soaking in not only the rays but also the views of our beautiful city.


Don’t go hungry! This place doesn’t have many options. It’s more like a coffee/tea, cocktail and snack kind of place. Solaris is located at the end of Piragova Pereulok. When you reach the dead-end, go into the building on the left and all the way up to the top.

Not located near a metro but near Yusupov Palace and the Marinskii. It’s not far from St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

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