Russian Snacks to Check Out

Every time we go to another country, we love to go to the grocery store and pick out some foods to try. If we like it we go back, get more and bring it back with us for ourselves or as gifts for others. Below is a little list of mostly Russian snacks you can check out next time you’re shopping around in Russia.


These tea party pies come in several flavors: blueberry, strawberry, apple and cranberry, black currant, cherry and now pineapple!



If you like cheesecake, then you need to try сырок (sirok)! These are like tiny, bite-sized cheesecake wannabes. Below are some of our favorites that you should try.


This one’s the best and it’s reflected in the price. There’s a reason why this one is more expensive and it’s not just because of the fancy packaging. It’s good and it has a wide variety.

This is my second favorite with a cookie bottom and creamy chocolate goodness in the center.


A tasty mini cheesecake for those who love coconut.



If you really like sunflower seeds, then you need to try Kozinak which has a slightly sweet flavor with a hint of honey. It’s a bit hard on your teeth and quite loud to eat but with less mess than regular sunflower seeds with shells.



This one is more for my American followers. While common in many parts of Europe, I haven’t come across these tiny little yogurt-like treats in the USA yet! Actimel is more liquidy than typical yogurt, almost like a sweet milk. It comes in several flavors (too many to name). You can buy it in a pack but also individually. Most people just pop a few out of the pack and drink it on the go. This way you can try several at once and then go back and buy whole packs of the ones you like.






 Beer Snacks

Dried Squid

dried squid

This is an acquired taste but a popular beer snack here, so be brave and give it a try!



 Basically these are flavored croutons and are just as addicting as Pringles.

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