Russia’s return policy is very different compared to the way too relaxed but super easy and convenient American policy. How I miss it! Take a look at the return policy before you go shopping in Russia. The best advice I can give you is to make sure you really want/need whatever before buying because in mother Russia, things return you!

  • Items must be returned within two weeks of the purchase date.

  • You must have the check with you to return the item.

  • You also have to have your passport with you. Usually, they do not accept copies of your passport or pictures, but if you don’t have your passport on you it’s worth a try! You can also try to present your driver’s license or other government ID, but you’ll have to explain about that in the USA (or wherever) we carry our license or ID as a government authorized identification and passports are only for traveling abroad.

  • Walmart takes EVERYTHING back with no questions asked, but in Russia that’s not the case. Below is a list of what you can’t return according to the law. Opened or unopened, it doesn’t matter on these products. Please note that SAFS hasn’t listed everything, only what would be most relevant to an expat community.

    • medicine
    • batteries
    • any items used to treat illnesses
    • toothbrushes
    • hair brushes
    • hair clips
    • perfumes and cosmetics
    • nail polish
    • earrings and jewelry in general
    • plants
    • underwear/lingerie
  • Products with packages that were destroyed upon opening are usually not accepted.

  • Items with tags and labels removed can’t be returned.

  • If you are returning electronics because they aren’t working, be prepared for them to ask you to fill out a form to send with the device to the warehouse for inspection on whether a.) it’s a technical difficulty covered under the 2 week return or warranty or b.) if they don’t find any technical difficulty then it will be considered your fault and no compensation will be given. This can take a couple of weeks and they may also ask you to go to another place to send it off. In other words, it might be terribly inconvenient so you might just want to forget it which is probably the whole point.