Taxis in St. Petersburg, Russia

I’m often asked about taxis in St. Petersburg, Russia that I’d recommend, so here’s a quick little guide with general information on taxis here, my recommended taxi and apps as well as tips to help make your journey as smooth as possible.

General Info on Taxis in St. Petersburg

  • Taxis come in all colors in Russia so you shouldn’t expect to see a uniformed and symbolic yellow taxi like you would in New York.

  • Taking a taxi in the city center isn’t very expensive. A trip will generally cost $5 (300) or less and this is a price for rush hour or nights out on the weekend.

  • A trip to or from the airport shouldn’t cost more than 1500Rub and that’s a generous amount. Always order a taxi from the airport either by app or from the airport kiosk located just at the exit labeled Taxi. Never go with a random guy shouting or asking if you want a taxi.

  • Rush hour is from 9-10:30am and 4:30-6:30pm. Please plan your trips accordingly and give yourself extra time to get somewhere during these hours.

SAFS Favorite Taxi in St. Petersburg

Taxovichkof - taxis in St. Petersburg, Russia

The SAFS Favorite taxi award goes to Taxovichkof. I’ve tried several taxis and often found myself tearing holes in the back seat due to the driving style. With Taxivichkof I’ve always felt safe and have never had a problem with their driving. Additionally, the taxi is always clean and comfortable and the drivers are usually friendly. There is an app for this taxi as well.

Another reason that I like this company is that they also have a moving service, Gruzovichkof. So if you find yourself moving to a new apartment or moving something big, you can find this service under their website under Services at Cargo Taxi.

Their Site

Apps for taxis in St. Petersburg, Russia


Taxovichkof - taxis in St. Petersburg, Russia

Yandex & Uber

Yandex and Uber - taxis in St. Petersburg, Russia


Gett Taxi


  • If you are paying with cash or card, be sure to specify in advance if you didn’t book the taxi via app.

  • I’ve heard that Uber doesn’t automatically make the payment by card from our foreign guests. Double check that your payment went through and bring cash just incase it didn’t.

  • Don’t take a gypsy cab alone. If you’re insistent on taking a gypsy cab, take one with friends.

  • Many cabs don’t have air conditioning or at least they don’t want to turn it on in the summer and say it’s broken. This most frequently happens with Uber and Yandex taxis. If you need air conditioning, book your ride with Taxovichkof.

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