Looking for a fun way to improve your Russian or understanding capabilities? Stream Russian movies and TV shows and take your Russian to a new level. It beats pouring over a conjugation chart any day!

Don’t think you’re ready for that? Of course you are! You can at least watch cartoons and kid’s movies in Russian! These are made with simple language and corresponding images that help viewers learn new vocabulary and not only! They are also laced with cultural themes of values and morals. Learning will be fun, educational, filled with new vocabulary and Russian cultural norms. Can’t beat that!

Too adult for kid’s movies and cartoons? That’s ok, you should start with action movies. Action movies are movies with few words which makes watching them easy and headache free.

  • Watch without subtitles from the very beginning. You don’t need to read what they are saying to understand what’s happening – just watch, listen and try to understand.
  • Don’t try to understand everything word for word. Relax and let your brain lead you.
  • If you’re at home, write down some of the words you don’t know and look them up.
  • Watching in segments allows you to focus on vocabulary and gives your brain time to relax.
  • Find ways to use those new words and phrases in daily conversation.

After my first time of going to the movie theater in Russia, I went home defeated and with a massive headache. I understood maybe 30% of what happened, but that was a drama filled with complex language and situations not to mention the culture specific language such as puns, idioms and slang that I’d never encountered. If you aren’t already fluent in Russian, try an action movie or kid’s movie first and work in some Russian TV series. My breakthrough came when watching Интерны. Gradually work your way up to more difficult movies where talking and language are the main focus.

Don’t be afraid to go to the theater or pick up a movie. Stream and learn.

“The only way to learn it is to do it!”

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