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There’s a special type of person that ventures to Russia and St. Petersburg is a one-of-a-kind place to visit with something for everyone. For the unorthodox tourist, we offer off-the-beaten-track tours designed for those with new interest in Russia, the Russophile or even long-term expats in Russia. 

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SAFS Specialty Tours

Putin - SAFS Guide / unique tours St. Petersburg

Where It All Began

The Vladimir Putin Tour

Duration: ~2 hours

On this tour, we’ll explore the formative years of the Russian president. We’ll see where he spent his childhood, forged lifelong friendships, met his former wife and started his career in the KGB. “The childhood of today is the manhood of tomorrow.”

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Canal Cruise - SAFS Guide

Founding Father's Fave

Canal Cruise

Duration: ~2 hours

Peter the Great (St. Pete’s founding father) would be proud of this tour. He envisioned every one of his citizens navigating this city by boat. So get off your feet, cruise the canals and ogle at the beautiful architecture from the perspective Peter intended.

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St. Petersburg Metro - SAFS Guide / off-the-beaten-track tour St. Petersburg

The People's Palace

A Metro Tour

Duration: ~2 hours

Our city has one of the best and most beautiful metro systems in the world, but you’ll see more than just architectural opulence on this tour. You’ll not only get a glimpse into the daily life of Russian citizens, but also have an opportunity to travel back in time to the Soviet Union to see the palaces built for the people, by the people.

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Romanov Culinary Experience - SAFS Guide / unique tours St. Petersburg

Romanov's Culinary Experience

Cooking Class with a Dash of History

Duration: ~4 hours

You’ve been to their palaces, you’ve seen their churches and their artwork but how well do you really know them? What did the Russian royals eat and drink? What were their quirky preferences? Find out more at the Romanov’s Culinary Experience! Join the fun and become a royal chef making imperial favorites of your own.

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Alternative Churches - SAFS Guide / unique tours St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg's Religious History

An Unorthodox Tour

Duration: ~2 hours

St. Petersburg was built with the assistance of foreigners so it’s not surprising that from the very beginning, Orthodox churches weren’t the only worship houses being built; Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic, etc. were also in construction. On this tour, we will explore off-the-beaten track churches, Orthodox religion and the transformation of these establishments in the Soviet Union.

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holocaust - SAFS Guide / off-the-beaten-track tour St. Petersburg

Holocaust in St. Pete

A Memorial Tour

Duration: ~8 hours

Most Russians recall the war around Leningrad (now Spb) exclusively in terms of the siege victims while those who perished under enemy occupation were pushed to the margins of public memory. This tour aims to bring to light the forgotten Nazi victims on Leningrad soil. We will investigate and commemorate an extensive list of Nazi crimes, and honor the soldiers who fought bravely against them.

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Russian Tea History - SAFS Guide / unique tours St. Petersburg

Steeped in Tradition

Russia's Tea History

Duration: ~2 hours

Tea is the de facto beverage of Russia, embedded deeply into the country, the Russian identity. What started off as a diplomatic gift swiftly diffused into the very heart of the Russian culture. During this excursion, we’ll visit the merchant shop where tea and other rare goods were sold and go to one of the finest cafes in St. Petersburg where we’ll talk about the HisTEAry of Russia over a warm cup of tea.

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Passage - SAFS Guide

One of the World's First Malls

Tour of Passage Shopping Center

Duration: ~1 hour

One of the world’s first malls opened in the middle of the 19th century in the capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg. Not just a shopping center, this was a hot spot for St. Petersburg nobility to not only purchase the latest fashions, but also to socialize and be entertained. Travel back in time to the glamourous glass-roofed street of Passage that’s filled with love stories, jealousy and luck.

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Brits in St. Petersburg - SAFS Guide / off-the-beaten-track tour St. Petersburg

The First Expats

Brits in St. Petersburg

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours

In the first two centuries of St. Pete’s existence, the British community was one of the largest minority groups in the city who occupied the highest positions at court and carried out successful trades in Russia. During the tour we’ll see the places where first Brits lived and worked and hear stories of the first Russian “Dandies”, ale, electric breakfasts and other things our city owes to the Englishmen.

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SAFS City Tours

St. Isaac's Cathedral - SAFS Guide

An Architectural Wonder

St. Isaac's Cathedral

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours

To build this masterpiece, an ambitious, young architect was chosen from a number of architectural giants already in favor in the city. St. Isaacs is a testament to his persistence, talent and hard work. Find out more about the man who spent 40 years of his life working on one of the most visited cathedrals in Russia.

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Hermitage - SAFS Guide

Not Just an Art Museum

The Hermitage

Duration: ~2 hours

One of the largest museums in the world was once home to one of the most famous families in the world, The Romanovs. This royal residence has been their ambassadorial home since Catherine the Great. It contains gifts to the Romanovs from family, friends and ambassadors, intimate details of the their daily lives, personal art collections and masterpieces as well as intrigue, ruin and unwavering guardianship.

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Assassination of a Tsar

Church on Spilled Blood

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours

Not your typical house of worship but one with a grisly past. A memorial cathedral built on the 6th and final assassination attempt of Tsar Alexander II, the reformer Tsar – a nickname that warranted him much hatred by the people. Find out more about the Russian Abraham Lincoln and go inside to see the most beautiful mosaic work in the city.

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SAFS Tours - St. Petersburg Tours

From Swamp to City

City Walk

Duration: ~2 hours

One country’s swamp is another country’s paradise. Russia was in bad need of a port that opened most of the year and when Peter the Great saw this land, he knew what a treasure it was. On this tour, we will walk around the former Swedish Empire’s wasteland and learn about St. Petersburg’s powerful transformation into a Russian capital and the key players who made it happen. 

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Russian Museum - SAFS Guide

History Through Art

The Russian Museum

Duration: ~2 hours

This is the place to go to see the best Russian art the country has to offer. Unlike the Hermitage, in which you will find some of the world’s best works of art produced outside of Russia, the aptly named Russian Museum is where you can get a sense of the Russian past through paintings and sculptures ranging from the 10th century to the 20th.

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Peter and Paul Fortress

The Birth of a City

Peter & Paul Fortress

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours

Where most people saw a swamp, Peter the Great saw a paradise on earth. It was here where he envisioned the Russian Empire reaching its full potential. The path to creating his paradise was treacherous and marred but a seed had been planted in the marshy soil and a beautiful city grew out of it. Learn more about how the city came to life and the people who played a role in that. 

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SAFS Suburban Tours

Catherine's Palace - SAFS Guide

A Cinderella Story

Catherine's Palace & the Amber Room

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours + travel

An extravagant present for a former peasant girl and a family heirloom passed down from daughter to daughter. This palace was a favorite summer getaway and home of the most well-known diplomatic gift – the Amber Room. Come see where empresses impressed their guests with lavish balls and gilded halls with seemingly no end. 

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Pavlovsk Palace - SAFS Guide

Pavlovsk Palace

Pavlovsk Palace

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours + travel

Catherine the Great’s gift to her son and home Russia’s most misunderstood tsar and beloved empress, Paul I and Maria Feodorovna. The royal couple’s first home was created with love and unlike any other palace, they personally picked out everything in it. Set in a beautiful park, this off-the-beaten-track palace is worth a visit.

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Peterhof - SAFS Guide

Peter's Versailles

Peterhof Park

Duration: ~1 1/2 hours + travel

It’s all about the park at Peterhof. Here, you can delve into the mind and humor of Peter the Great at his numerous trick fountains, as you learn why he chose this special location for his personal paradise. Combine your tour with a trip to the royal bathhouse complex and get to know the royals more intimately in their personal banyas and kitchen.

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